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The world has emerged as a digital ear in the past few years. Every task is accomplished easily but along with benefits, some major challenges arise. One of them is digital crimes. That is why cyber security is crucial.

Why Not to Use Pirated Software

Why Not to Use Pirated Software in UAE

Here is the details blog related to Pirated software in UAE. We have shared complete guide for businesses and corporates to avoid the mistakes of using pirated or cracked software’s.

How to Protect from Ransomware Attacks

How to Protect from Ransomware Attacks?

Throughout 2021, ransomware was a major headline news story, and it continues to do so in 2024. Perhaps you have heard about ransomware attacks against large companies, organizations, or government agencies, or perhaps you have been the victim of one yourself.

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Stay Ahead of the Threat Curve

Shield Your Digital World : MARK VAPT – Your Ultimate Security Solution

In today’s interconnected world, safeguarding your digital assets is paramount. Introducing MarkVAPT – Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing. A fully automated compliance assessment and audit solution from MARK Infotech which is the ultimate security solution designed to fortify your defenses against cyber threats.

First 50 customers get one month of VAPT service absolutely free .

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