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We YallaArc by TMI provide a streamlined email archiving solution in the UAE compatible with Office 365, Google Workspace, and other email servers, on-premise and on-cloud. Our team is well experienced and our company is ISO certified. 

YallaArc offers a seamless email archiving solution that integrates with Office 365, Google Workspace and various third-party email servers, both on-premise and on-cloud. Our automated system securely stores and retrieves business-critical data sent via email, meeting compliance requirements and simplifying archiving requests. With YallaArc, your email data is always available, replicated, and secure, ensuring efficient email management and data protection.

How It Works

YallaArc automatically archives email copies, creating a centralised repository for easy access. Integrated with your email server, it simplifies archiving while providing lightning-fast search speeds. With a user-friendly setup and robust encryption, YallaArc ensures perpetual data security and seamless compliance.

Key Features


Email Archive Solution

Seamlessly integrate YallaArc with your email system. Be it Office 365, Google Apps, or any third-party email server, YallaArc simplifies email archiving and ensures compliance with ease.

Lightning-Fast Search and Retrieval

Experience lightning-fast search speeds, enabling instant access to archived emails within seconds.

Simple-to-Use Archive Solutions

Enjoy a user-friendly experience with YallaArc, making setup and access to email archives effortless. Retrieve any archived email in seconds, ensuring productivity and efficiency.

Secure and Perpetual

Rest assured that your email data is securely encrypted both in transit and when stored, providing 100% protection against data loss.

Remote Access to Archived Emails

Manage corporate emails securely and efficiently, ensuring compliance, security, and privacy for your remote workforce.

Cloud-Based Archive Solution

Reap the benefits of a cloud-based archiving solution without the need for on-site hardware. Store unlimited emails securely, including Public and Private Chats in MS Teams.

Huge Savings in Email Storage Costs

Benefit from an efficient and cost-effective email archive solution, reducing storage costs by up to 80%.

Protection and Backup

Data loss is history with YallaArc. Providing full protection against data loss and safeguarding your mail servers from outages.

Simple Administration

Easily manage the entire system from your Outlook interface. From managing billing to user administration, YallaArc offers a simplified administration experience.

GDPR Compliance

YallaArc ensures GDPR compliance, allowing users to instantly find and remove customer data when required, prioritising data privacy and protection.
With YallaArc’s robust email archiving solution, businesses can achieve effortless compliance, secure data storage, and efficient email management, streamlining critical business processes.

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