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Welcome to YallaLMS, the ultimate solution for training and management  Software Solutions in Dubai. Our innovative product simplifies the launch and management of online academies, catering to diverse training needs including employee, student, customer, product, partner, and member training. 

What is YallaLMS?

YallaLMS is your go-to choice for top-tier training and management software solutions in Dubai. Effortlessly launch and customize your online academy for employee, student, customer, product, partner, and member training. With an all-in-one platform featuring mobile app access, live training, interactive tools, exams, and robust reporting, YallaLMS offers seamless, scalable, and mobile-compatible learning experiences.

Usage Areas of YallaLMS?

Student Education

Student Education

Employee Training

Employee Training

Customer Training

Customer Training

Product Training

Product Training

Partner Training

Partner Training

Training of Members

Training of Members

All the features you need in one place


Assignments Management

Assign tasks or projects to learners, facilitating practical application and reinforcement of learning.


Issue certifications upon course completion, validating learners' achievements and enhancing credibility.

Watch Again Feature

Allow learners to revisit course materials or sessions for review, reinforcing learning and understanding.

Mobile App Access

Users can access the platform conveniently via a mobile application, ensuring flexibility and accessibility anytime, anywhere.

Live Training Management

Conduct live training sessions, webinars, or workshops seamlessly within the platform, fostering interactive and engaging learning experiences.

Interactive Training Tools

Engage learners with interactive tools and resources, enhancing their understanding and retention of course material.

Exams and Assessments

Create and administer exams or assessments to evaluate learners' progress and understanding.

Course Sales Capability

Monetize courses by offering them for sale directly through the platform, managing transactions effortlessly.

Gamification Elements

Incorporate gamification features to incentivize learning, such as badges, points, or leaderboards, boosting learner engagement.

Robust Reporting

Generate comprehensive reports and analytics to track learner progress, course effectiveness, and overall performance.

YallaLMS: Your all-in-one solution for streamlined training. Simplify course creation, enhance engagement, and optimize learning outcomes effortlessly.

Why Choose YallaLMS

Why Choose YallaLMS?

All Your Requirements in one platform with YallaLMS


  • Online Content Management
  • Creating Learning path
  • Attendance and achievement certificates
  • In-Training Survey
  • Assignments / Tasks
  • Library
  • Question & Answer
  • Detailed Training Reports

YallaLMS Exam

  • Question Pool
  • Test Pool
  • Exam with Optical Reader
  • Quiz & Exam
  • Questions & Answer
  • Adding Questions manually or as PDF, import from formats like Excel
  • Detailed Exam Reports

YallaLMS Live

  • Live Training Management
  • live Training Replay
  • Web TV
  • Live Survey
  • Event Management Module
  • SMS of registered users / Automatic notification by e-Mail
  • Detailed attendance Reports

Increase Your Revenues with the Training sales Module

Sell your training with Vedubox’s advanced education soles module, Collect payments through the system, and increase your revenue.

YallaLMS Highlights

YallaLMS offers all your needs together on a single platform to achieve your dream of an online academy.

You can upload all kinds of training materials to YallaLMS, you can track your training and development activities regularly. You can set up a planned learning path and schedule your live training. You can automatically record your training and make them available for replay.

You can organize interactive training, create and track tasks, and increase motivation with gamification elements.

YallaLMS Highlights
Live Training Management

Live Training Management

  • Fully integrated with Zoom, Cisco Webex, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet
  • Automatic recording of trainings and meetings for replay with the replay module
  • Certificate of achievement or attendance
    automatically at the end of the training
  • Create recurring live trainings and events from within the system with a single click
  • Automatic SMS and e-mail notifications from within the system
  • Reports such as participation duration, participant information, unit, participation status

Online Course Sales

  • Sale of asynchronous trainings, live trainings and exams in the system
  • Presentation of trainings on a public web page
  • Iyzico, PayPal and Stripe integration
  • Possibility for non-registered users to purchase
  • Education package sale
  • Special discount code for packages
  • Tracking of sales generated from sales
YallaLMS Online Course Sales
Interactive Video

Interactive Video

  • Add questions to specific seconds of video content
  • Create from within the system without downloading additional apps
  • Adding points to videos and determining a passing grade
  • Return to the beginning or previous question for wrong answers
  • Block the option to fast-forward videos
  • Detailed reporting on answers to questions


  • Participants can be awarded certificates of achievement or participation
  • It can be selected from the designs in the system or a special design can be added
  • Users can keep their earned certificates for free
  • Certificates shared on Linkedin
  • It can also be queried from the institution-specific page with a special ID
YallaLMS Certification
Online Event Management

Online Event Management

  • Institution-specific public event page
  • Video meeting, webinar, event creation integrated with Zoom
  • Private events only for registered users or public events
  • Add speaker, description, details, promotional video and registration questions
  • Organizing paid events and receiving payments

We are Always There for You with Excellent Customer Service

  • Quick response times
  • Understanding the customer’s needs
  • Extensive product knowledge
  • Providing customized solutions
  • Anticipating customer needs
  • Clear and concise communication

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