Sira Approved CCTV Company in Dubai

Sira Approved CCTV Company in Dubai

CCTV Camera Installation in Dubai

TMI Dubai is one of the best SIRA approved CCTV camera installation company in Dubai UAE. Call us at +971 56 924 3456 for CCTV Installation and SIRA Approval.

What types of CCTV cameras are commonly installed in Dubai

TMI Dubai is a Sira Approved CCTV Company

For having strict security solutions, you can go for our best CCTV installation company in Dubai. TMI Systems & Solutions is an approved CCTV Company in Dubai and we are the leading company for CCTV installation. The CCTV installation benefits the people with their commercial offices, businesses, and residents’ security. Due to increasing crime rates everywhere, every business, commercial area, and residents need to have security and CCTV installed. It is beneficial to safeguard every property and person out there by investing in reliable and secure digital devices i.e., CCTV systems.

We TMI Dubai CCTV installation company in Dubai offers services of complete surveillance, helping you to go anywhere with a peaceful mind. The camera or CCTV surveillance monitors your premises and property 24/7. Thus, every purpose of surveillance needs different types of CCTV installation. From design to requirements, different CCTV cameras are installed in homes, offices, and other business properties.

Sira Approved CCTV Camera Installation Company in Dubai

SIRA Approved CCTV company in Dubai is among the best CCTV installation companies that provides customers with extremely high-quality services of CCTV installation. Moreover, their camera quality is capable of giving high-quality images of objects, people, and places. No matter of range of lighting conditions, as per requirements, it is installed and accords desired results.

From installation to consultation, information delivering process to implementation of process control systems, we serve you and support you well. We are associated with top CCTV manufacturers who bring the best CCTV surveillance systems with the most advanced features to us.

What types of CCTV cameras are commonly installed in Dubai

Dome Camera

Dome camera

Dome cameras are used to fit on the wall. Moreover, it can be used in every crowded place from children’s parks to houses and indoor walls. Lastly, it has three axes of rotation installed under the eaves of the roofline, that can easily rotate and monitor large areas.

Bullet Camera

Bullet camera

A bullet camera is a type of camera installed for surveillance covering a narrow area with a narrow field of view. It is easy to install with less space and is designed like a bullet in a cylindrical shape.

Covert Camera

Covert/Board/Desktop Cameras

Desktop cameras are used for live streaming, online meetings, video conferencing, and recording videos. We help the client with the connection of the camera with the external device. Whether it is a computer, laptop, or mobile phone, helps you to monitor the place, person, and objects, sitting comfortably anywhere.

Discreet Camera

Discreet Cameras

Discreet cameras are hidden cameras or spy cameras smaller in size. But, useful to monitor any object, place, or person. Covers a wide field of view clearly, thief can’t see the camera but is still captured in the image shot by the discreet camera.

Infrared Night Vision Camera

Infrared / Night Vision

An infrared night vision camera is a day and night surveillance camera. Changes the light to the black and white mode in a low light condition. As per the light, it switches its mode and enables night vision to make objects clearly visible at night or low light.

Speed Dome

Speed Dome

Speed Dome is different from normal dome cameras. Normal dome cameras have three axes of rotation. Whereas the speed dome has a 360-degree rotational feature to cover whole wide area or field of view overall.

HD CCTV Camera

High Definition Cameras

High-definition camera accords HD video or images of objects or persons. It gives high-resolution videos and quality more than a standard definition. It results in the clear face visibility of a person.

Outdoor CCTV Camera


Outdoor cameras are wide in size as well as best for outside placement. Because installing it inside the home can cover more space than usual.

Network / IP Cameras

Internet Protocol(IP) cameras are cameras connected to a Wi-Fi, Ethernet, internet, or local area network. Moreover, these cameras accord higher picture quality due to connection to the internet and have advanced features.

Wireless CCTV Camera

Wireless Camera

Wireless cameras are cordless connected cameras that are operated on battery power. It can be run both on the internet and without internet access. But, without internet mode, its capability to capture and function like online cameras becomes least possible.

Day Night Camera

Day / Night

A day and night camera is a surveillance camera that can run both night and day hours. With immense sunlight or minimum or no light I.e., in complete darkness even, it will function the same.

So, these are the types of CCTV cameras installed as per the requirements of customers for both indoor and outdoor setups. SIRA Approved CCTV company in Dubai has availability of all these types of CCTV cameras or surveillance cameras with Installation services.

Contact us for your CCTV Installation and SIRA Approval Requirements

If you are searching for the best CCTV Installation Company in Dubai, Go for SIRA-approved CCTV companies in Dubai. You can consider us as the right choice for you in getting proper and strict security surveillance.

Recommendation of the type of CCTV camera for installation

We can place the best surveillance cameras for you at your doorstep or desired place whether offices, homes, or other commercial properties. We always consider customer needs and requirements before camera installation services. So, as per the customer’s requirements, we recommend installing the type of CCTV cameras before the customer’s place.

SIRA Approved CCTV company in Dubai keeps all your safety equipment related to surveillance or monitoring your household and commercial properties. With 12 months of free installation and maintenance services, we recommend you choose us for your safety equipment installation process. We take responsibility through our equipment of best CCTV camera surveillance, we even provide after-sales services with every type of CCTV installation and maintenance. We deliver our expert advice along with expert engineers at your doorstep to continue the process from installation to repair and maintenance.

To know more about which type of CCTV cameras are available as per their use, go further here!

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FAQs Related to CCTV Installation

Different camera type has different ranges of installation. It cost varies as per the camera type, place to install the camera, and quality. Moreover, based on the number of staff placed at a place for camera installation and many more things makes cost varies.

Amongst all CCTV installation companies in Dubai, We TMI Systems & Solutions are one of the best company for CCTV camera installation. Based on reviews and our services, we are best at providing camera installation solutions completely.

The cost will remain the same as per camera type and quality, as well as staff used at that place. The multiple cameras connected in a cable or wireless at the same time have the same cost to install 2 CCTV cameras.

You need to see coverage, camera type, quality, location, technical aspects, and requirements before a CCTV installation in your office or home.

There are many leading brands of CCTV cameras and DVR and NVR. These brands involve features like superior quality, scalability, high performance, optimum utility, and ease of installation. Such leading brands include CP Plus, and Dahua many more.

The cost of labor involved in the process of CCTV installation in Dubai is only chargeable other than the cost of the CCTV camera. So, labor and other chargeable services related to CCTV installation in Dubai are associated with additional costs to CCTV camera installation.

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