Why Not to Use Pirated Software in UAE


Why Not to Use Pirated Software

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Businesses have started heavily depending on software to carry out efficient operations, increase productivity, and generate excellent business-related outputs in today’s fast-paced world and technology-driven world. However, taking negative advantage of this dependency they often underestimate the negative impact it could have on their business and indulge in malpractices such as using pirated software from third-party sources. 

The UAE has witnessed a massive surge in the use of pirated software. Unaware of its negative effects, a lot of businesses and startups are using this software. In this blog, we shall explain in detail the reasons behind avoiding the use of pirated software in the UAE. 

What is pirated software?

Software piracy is becoming a growing problem with every passing year. It is consequently more crucial than ever to comprehend how software piracy operates for those who are software creators, vendors, or copyright holders. 

In simple terms, pirated software refers to unapproved copies of software that are sold, distributed, or utilized without the owner of the copyright’s consent. Usually, illicit methods are used to obtain these copies, like buying fake disks, downloading from file-sharing websites, or utilizing unauthorized activation codes.

Using pirated software is illegal and unethical in the UAE since it tends to violate the intellectual property of other software developers and creators.

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The negative impact of using pirated software in the UAE

Using pirated software for your business could potentially have an irreversible impact on the output and functionality of the organization. Some reasons to avoid using pirated software in the UAE are:

1. They could cause legal trouble

Authorities in the UAE think engaging in software piracy is illegal. They take copyright infringement seriously. In UAE, it can lead to severe legal consequences, including fines and imprisonment. That’s why authorities actively enforce intellectual property laws.

2. This could affect the security

Using pirated software often invites hidden risks such as viruses, malware, and codes embedded within the software. These could further compromise the security, integrity, and confidentiality of the data. This is the reason behind cybersecurity incidents such as identity theft in the UAE.

3. The performance is unreliable

Pirated software often performs less effectively than original software and is hence super unreliable. It could have defects, malfunctions, or compatibility problems that cause unexpected technical problems like system crashing, or other similar issues. This may reduce output, result in downtime, and affect the user experience in general.

4. Lack of updates and support

This is quite obvious yet often forgotten by most users. Pirated software does not come with technical support or updates. As a result, users end up missing out on important bug patches, newly introduced features, and security fixes. This causes the data to be extremely vulnerable to threats related to cyber security.

5. It reduces productivity

Post using pirated software, users could have disruptions once they switch to authorized substitutes or take care of licensing concerns. Individuals and businesses that depend on the software for their everyday operations may lose out on business possibilities, income, or productivity as a result.

6. It damages the reputation

Individuals and businesses can lose the trust of their customers, partners, and stakeholders by using pirated software in the UAE. Businesses and organizations that are ok to operate with illegal software can malign the image of business owners and organizations. 

Businesses and organizations using pirated software do not respect intellectual property rights. They do not adhere to legal and ethical standards by using only licensed and legitimate software solutions.

7. It hurts the family members

Legal consequences such as fines or imprisonment can be caused by using pirated software in the UAE. It can negatively impact family members in various ways. It can strain family finances and emotional well-being. 

Sensitive personal information leading to financial loss or identity theft are some security risks that are associated with malware or cyber-attacks. It can cause frustration and stress among the family members. 

Essential tasks such as online learning or remote work would be disrupted due to the unreliable performance of pirated software. A sense of guilt or moral discomfort poses significant risks and challenges for family members. Moreover, ethical concerns may be instilled which would affect family relationships and values. Due to the use of pirated software. 

Consequences of Software Piracy

Use of pirated software in UAE

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is vigorously fighting offenses linked to pirated software and copyright. Because of its severe restrictions and penalties to discourage these infractions, the United Arab Emirates has the lowest rate of installations of unauthorized software. 

To safeguard the rights of original authors and developers, the government is taking all the measures taken to combat piracy and the illicit distribution of digital materials. Some people continue to distribute and sell copyrighted software online and through other channels. Despite these practices, the government has put in place copyright and data protection regulations.

Copyright protection rules govern software protection in the United Arab Emirates.

Law Established in the UAE to prevent the use of pirated software

Despite constantly educating people and businesses regarding the negative impact of using pirated software, a lot of them continue to do so. Hence, to prevent the same, the UAE established a law with various articles that effectively curb the use of pirated software. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

What are the problems associated with pirated software?

Various problems and risks such as cybersecurity threats, virus and malware invasion, legal issues, etc come with using pirated software.

Why is the use of pirated software illegal in the UAE?

Pirated software deprives the software developers of their rightful compensation. It violates their rights. That is why the use of pirated software is illegal in the UAE. 

Can using pirated software lead to legal consequences?

Yes, of course. Using pirated software can lead to fines, litigation, or criminal prosecution in the UAE.

How does using pirated software impact security?

The malware, viruses, or other malicious code found in pirated software usually jeopardizes the security of your computer system.

What are the alternate options for pirated software?

Employing genuine and lawful alternatives to software that has been ethically pirated is one of the best alternatives to using pirated software. Users can also utilize open-source software, buy licensed software from approved providers, or look into cost-free options that respect intellectual property rights and copyright regulations.


In UAE using pirated software is considered illegal in many places. Considering the fact, it could be quite cheaper when compared to the authentic ones. However, software piracy is illegal in the UAE. By using pirated software for your business, you are violating the rights of a copyright holder.

You are inviting cybersecurity threats, viruses, malware and so much more by committing this act. In the UAE, one should be aware of the dangers it accompanies. The first step is being aware and staying educated. You should know the consequences of using pirated software in the UAE and the second is taking action.  

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