What Is The Coverage of VAPT?


What Is The Coverage of VAPT in Cybersecurity

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Have you heard about hackers trying to breach the systems and steal data from companies and individuals? It occurs frequently in UAE due to the increase in the use of the Internet.

That is why VAPT (Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing) is important. In this article, let’s explore what is the coverage of VAPT and more. 

What is VAPT?

In this section, let’s try to first understand what VAPT is. For a moment think of your house as a computer system. You would want to ensure that no one breaks in and takes your belongings. VAPT is like having a security guard and a detective safeguarding your home, in this case your computer system.

The “V” stands for Vulnerability Assessment. It acts like the security guard. They inspect your system and identify vulnerabilities.

The “P” represents Penetration Testing. It acts like the detective. After the guard finds weaknesses, the detective attempts to breach those points, mimicking a real hacker. This exposes the system’s vulnerabilities and how a hacker might exploit them.

Why is VAPT Important?

Your favorite online games or websites store sensitive information like usernames, passwords, and high scores. VAPT helps secure these websites from hackers aiming to steal that data. It is the same as installing extra locks to avoid burglars.

Let’s understand this with a real-life example: You run a school and your school website stores student information like grades and attendance records. 

If a hacker breaches the system, they could steal and misuse that data. VAPT helps prevent such situations by detecting and fixing vulnerabilities before hackers can exploit them.

VAPT is a two-step process to protect systems from hackers

Vulnerability Assessment 

The security expert checks the system for weaknesses. They inspect every parts for any damage. Special tools help find vulnerabilities in software, settings, and physical security. 

Once found, weaknesses are rated based on risk level. The critical ones are marked red, medium ones yellow, and minor ones green.

Penetration Testing 

The security expert tries to break into the system through the identified weaknesses. They use hacking methods similar to real hackers but with permission.

 It is like testing how easy it is to break into your house, to fix issues before a burglar comes. If the expert successfully breaks in, it proves the identified weaknesses are real security risks.

Types of VAPT Assessment

There are various types of VAPT assessments. VAPT methods differ to suit distinct system needs. Here is an overview of common approaches:

  1. Web Application VAPT examines web apps like shopping or gaming sites. It checks for flaws that could allow data theft, malicious code injection, or control takeover.
  2. Mobile Application VAPT reviews mobile apps’ security. It looks for vulnerabilities risking user privacy or enabling unauthorized access to sensitive data.
  3. Network VAPT deeply analyzes network infrastructure security, including firewalls, routers, and devices. It prevents unauthorized system access by securing the network.
  4. Cloud VAPT assesses cloud environments’ security stance, focusing on storage, access control, and data encryption as businesses shift to the cloud.
  5. Internal VAPT simulates an insider threat, mimicking an attack by a disgruntled employee or compromised insider exploiting weaknesses.
  6. External VAPT impersonates an external hacker trying to gain unauthorized system access from the internet. It identifies exploitable weaknesses.

What Is The Coverage of VAPT?

What Is The Coverage of VAPT

VAPT deeply inspects different system areas for maximum protection. Here is what VAPT usually checks:

  1. Networks: The scanner looks for network holes. Like checking your Wi-Fi password strength and ways hackers could access your system.
  2. Applications: VAPT finds weaknesses in the software used. This includes web, mobile, and desktop apps.
  3. Operating Systems: The operating system is the system’s base. VAPT checks for holes in OS software that could let hackers in.
  4. Configurations: VAPT ensures system settings are secure, like checking enabled firewalls and user permissions.
  5. Physical Safety: Sometimes, weaknesses can be physical too. VAPT might check if server rooms are properly secured. They will check if access is restricted to authorized people only.

How Deep Does VAPT Go?

The depth of VAPT can be customized based on the system’s specific needs. There are three main levels:

  1. Black Box Testing: This is like a detective working blindfolded. They only have limited information about the system. They try to find vulnerabilities from a hacker’s point of view.
  2. Gray Box Testing: The detective gets a bit more information. For example, they may know what software is used. This helps them target attacks on specific vulnerabilities.
  3. White Box Testing: Here, the detective has all the information. They know everything about the system. They can use many techniques to find vulnerabilities. This is the most thorough type of testing. But, it also requires more information and resources.

What Doesn’t VAPT Cover?

While VAPT is a useful tool, it is important to know its limits. Here is what VAPT often does not cover:

  1. Zero-Day Attacks: These are brand new weaknesses that have not been found yet. VAPT cannot spot these, but it can help make systems safer to withstand such attacks.
  2. Social Engineering: Hackers sometimes trick people into sharing info or clicking bad links. VAPT does not stop this, but it can raise awareness about these methods.
  3. Physical Security Breaches: VAPT mainly focuses on digital safety. While it might check physical access controls, it does not replace needs like security cameras and alarms.

How To Prepare for a VAPT?

Before you have a check, it is good to get ready. Here is what you can do:

  1. Define the goal: Make it clear which parts and apps will be checked.
  2. Pick your goals: Choose what you want from the check. Is finding big problems your main goal? Or do you need to follow some rules?
  3. Give information: Give the checking team details about your system. Things like network maps, software versions, and security rules.

What is a VAPT Report?

After the check is done, the security team at TMI will give you a report on what they found. This report will usually have:

  1. Problems found: A list of the problems they found, sorted by how bad they are and how much damage they could do.
  2. How they got in: A look at the ways they used to get into the problems and how far they could go.
  3. How to fix things: Steps you can take to fix the problems and make your system safer.

Benefits of VAPT

VAPT is like a security shield for your computer systems. Here is why it is beneficial:

  1. Prevents data breaches: VAPT helps identify vulnerabilities. This is before hackers can exploit them. It keeps your information safe.
  2. Improves system security: By fixing weak spots, VAPT makes your system harder to hack into.
  3. Boosts trust: When people know a system has undergone VAPT, they feel confident using it. They know their information is protected.
  4. Reduces compliance risks: Many sectors have rules about data safety. VAPT can help follow these rules.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is VAPT the same as hacking?

No, VAPT is ethical hacking. It is done with permission from the system owner to find weaknesses, whereas hacking is done without permission and to cause harm.

2. Do I need VAPT for my home computer?

While VAPT is usually used for larger networks like businesses, there are some basic safety steps you can take to protect your home computer, like using strong passwords and updating your software.

Who does VAPT?

VAPT should be done by skilled security experts. Our trained staff know how to safely find and test weaknesses.


VAPT seems hard, but it helps keep systems secure. It checks networks, apps, and settings. VAPT finds and fixes problems before hackers can get in. 

You can think of it like a guard and detective working together. They keep your digital world safe and secure and protect your system from hackers. 

Explore the importance of VAPT (Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing) in safeguarding your digital assets. We provide expert VAPT services in UAE and the Middle East to secure your systems from cyber threats.

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